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Forbidden Fruit

A rare late Sixties mini dress by cult boutique and head shop, Forbidden Fruit. Christopher Breward, in his book Fashion's World Cities, describes Forbidden Fruit as being cheaper than its contemporaries Countdown and The Third Eye and being in the "socially more questionable and eclectic zone of Portobello Road".

Forbidden Fruit specialised in that rich, bohemian look so beloved of musicians and their entourages at the time. Bands even used to hang out and rehearse in the basement of the shop (Ten Years After played outside in 1969 - see images on Philm Freax's brilliant website). Their ad in IT encouraged people to "float in and see our things; clothes, candles, carpets, bags, jewellery, incense, skins, pipes, beads and other imported goodies."

This dress takes heavy inspiration from those peasant blouses from Eastern Europe, with vivid embroidery and shirring contrasting beautifully with the dark blue striped cotton fabric. I love the little details, the little caps over the tops of the sleeves, the gold thread tie at the neck and the beautifully executed shirring.


Bust 40" max (worn loose) - Waist 20-32" stretch - Hips free (flared from waist) - Length 35"


Has a cotton feel but may possibly be a blend


Excellent condition. Sold as vintage.


Please with any questions

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