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Antony Price for Plaza

Plaza was one of Antony Price's earliest labels and this is a rare piece from 1974. Featured in Cosmopolitan in the November of that year and available to buy from Che Guevara (Price's own Kensington boutique).

"This natty knitted two-piece by Plaza will set you back an uninflated £8.90 but teamed with the right accessories – beret, clutch bag, courts – looks like it could carry a £30+ tag. The fabric is a clingy wool jersey in shades of cranberry, black and grey. You’ll find the set at Che Guevara, Kensington High Street and all branches of Bobby Cousins."

This version is a subtler colourway and thinner stripes, but undoubtedly the same sweater. It has pretty epic integral shoulder pads which maintain the dramatic Forties silhouette that Antony Price has always favoured.


Bust 36-38" - Waist 27-30" - Length 23"


Wool jersey


There is a slight fuzz/pilling commensurate with wear and washing. There is also a mark on the sleeve which did not come out with a gentle hand wash - see photo above. Sold as vintage.


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